Medicare Mississippi

Medicare Advantage services are available from health care centers and physicians within the networks
Medicare supplement is available in 10 standard plans and are labeled as A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N
The HIPAA laws were enacted by the federal government to protect the privacy of the patients
Medicaid in Mississippi covers those individuals and families with low income and assets.
Part D of the Medicare policy is to provide coverage to the prescription drugs
Part B of the Medicare is available for all those with the part A coverage

Medicare News

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  • Assisted Living Waiver

    A person must be above the age of 21 years to avail this program
  • Elderly and Disabled Waiver

    These individuals must be qualified for Medicaid due to SSI
  • Independent Waiver

    Independent waiver is for those older than 16 years of age with orthopedic or neurological issues
  • Need for Medicaid

    The main issue for the Medicare Beneficiaries is the problem of coverage gaps
  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries

    Part A and part B monthly premiums, cost sharing for the advantage plan
  • Special low income Medicare Beneficiaries

    The qualification is based on the resources and income of individuals along with the spouse

Medicare Mississippi Part C

Part C is a customized policy that offers coverage to both parts A and B.